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Html Templates - The Basics, Tips and Reviews on the Best Examples

Welcome to Code Geek

Hello everyone and welcome to Code Geek. In today’s article we’ll talk about coding. So if you are interested on hearing more stuff about this, then we advise you to stick around and keep on reading our article. We will start things off by talking about basic HTML templates as we will name a few sites where you can see some of these basic HTML templates. This can come in really handy if you are new in coding and want to expand your knowledge. After that we’ll continue our article and talk about emails and how you can incorporate free HTML email templates into your new page.

We will continue our Code Geek article by talking about the best gambling responsive website designs. Here we’ll see how they are implemented into the gaming industry and we’ll also have a closer look on online casinos. Online casinos sites consists of lots of these codes, especially email responses in order of giving users the best user care they can. Finally, we’ll finish our Code Geek article by talking about mobile sites and tips on how you can build one. So without any further delay, let’s get the show started!

10 Basic HTML Website Templates

The first topic on this index page are basic HTML templates. Back in the days there weren’t as many as there are now. You had to have a lot of knowledge in order to create a website. Nowadays you can find websites and blogs where you can download some basic HTML templates for free. Of course there are more complex ones, but if you are new, we suggest that you stick to basic HTML templates for starters.

In the following text we’ll give you a list of the 10 best basic HTML templates you can use:

10. Lee

First on our list is Lee. This is a fully responsive photographer portfolio template. Its features include things like: Various landing page layouts, it is optimized for SEO, intuitive and friendly control panel, free support and well-written documentation.

9. InWeb

Our second suggestion for basic HTML templates is InWeb. It is a CSS template meant for web development studios. It features Google fonts and an adaptive interface.

8. Profilab

Profilab is a simple and free to download template, meant for advisory services and marketing agencies. Some of its features include: Free premium images, responsive layout built with Bootstrap 4 and rich UI kits.

7. Admin Portal

This template is meant for city governments as it is simple to navigate and search. It also features blog and social options as well as Google maps, slides and dropdown menus.

6. Green Day

This template is meant for food stores and features things like: gallery, a clean design and it is highly responsive.

5. Explore Tour

This template is designed for tour and travel agencies. It features a simple search system, social options and a boosted website navigation.

4. Portfolio

This portfolio template has a fully responsive layout along with a minimalist and simple design. It is also easy to install, customize and configure.

3. NextPrest

This template is meant for e-commerce businesses. It features a creative interface with a simple design and 3 flexible homepage layouts.

2. Beyond

This template is meant for travel websites. It is Retina-ready, mobile-ready and includes a perfect design.

1. MyProfile

This is a clean CV template. It is mobile friendly and Readily responsive. Furthermore, it is easy to install, customize and configure.

How To Incorporate Free HTML Email Templates Into Your Page

Emails are a key part of any website. Emails are the way you communicate with the visitors of the webpage. Emails are also a key part of marketing, in addition to that, emails are also the key to having a good customer service. So if you just started your business and your website have no fear, there is a way you can solve the email problem easy. Depending on what type of business you’re into, you can search the web for free HTML email templates that you can incorporate into your page.


The Best Gambling Responsive Website Designs

Online casino sites have become very popular lately. The reason behind this is because they are simple to use and are also very convenient. But in order to have a successful online casino site, the design plays a key part. The best design must be clean, simple and user-friendly, but at the same time it has to look luxurious as to give the vibe of a real casino.

Tips for Building a Mobile Site

If you are interested in creating a mobile-friendly site, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Don’t create a separate mobile site

2. Use responsive design

3. Provide link to the full website

4. Design each page for optimal load speeds

5. Check your site design on a couple of mobile screens