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RTG Casino Software

Real-Time Gaming (TRG) is one of the companies pioneering in the world of software for online gambling. The company began operating in 1998 and had been providing online gambling services for more than a decade. Therefore, it is currently one of the most experienced companies in this field.

But here you have to keep in mind that this software gives certain management skills to companies so you have to know precisely what kind of casinos you decide to play and whether they have all the required licenses.

Casinos with Real Time Gaming

Today, as we have just commented, Real Time Gaming is recognized worldwide as one of the leading providers of software casinos. Real-Time Gaming continues to make innovations in the field of online gaming software. It is based in Curaçao, that is, in the small islands that are right in front of Venezuela.

With an online blackjack game able to deal with seven hands per minute, Real Time Gaming was one of the first companies in the world to launch a multi-player poker.

Casinos that use Real Time Gaming software offer online games that include both the unloaded version and the download version. This consists of a flash system that allows you the download option, so it is possible to play Real Time Gaming and all its benefits and advantages without having to download the game.

Advantages of Real Time Gaming software

Then, we’re going to talk about some of the advantages of the software Real Time Gaming (RTG):

  • High speed of operation of your software.
  • Its use is very simple and intuitive; no problem can arise.
  • They offer a wide variety of games, more than 130 exactly.
  • Offers you the possibility to play the most popular games like slot machines in addition to the typical casino games.
  • It also offers the video poker game.
  • Its design is very attractive and colorful.
  • They offer a very high quality service.
  • You can handle the sound, music and speed of the games.

Disadvantages of Real Time Gaming:

  • Change in payment rates.

With this, we are referring to the fact that gambling houses here can change and modify as they like the percentages of payment. This usually plays against users and therefore you must be informed in advance of all loyal bases and All Casino requirements before you become a member of any of them.

Lobby design

In an RTG casino, you won’t have any trouble finding your favorite game. Designed in an attractive way, the templates are colorful, easy-to-use icons with the names of our favorite games or direct access to the games.

The main goal of the games in this software is to attract the attention of users and this along with the bonuses that offer what they encourage is a greater flow of movement within online casinos. In addition, it is important to highlight above all the high speed at which the software works.

This is very easy to download and there is usually no problem in the

Your account balance is conveniently visible so you will always know when you need to withdraw or deposit. An attractive feature of some RTG casinos is a quick link option in which the software remembers what your favorite games are and provides a link to them from the Lobby.

Sound and graphics

Real-Time Gaming players who like to enjoy traditional games are usually very satisfied with the quality of the software. The graphics are not intended to recreate the atmosphere of a casino as it does in other software manufacturers, but this can actually make the gaming experience lighter and more enjoyable.

Most graphics are of two dimensions, good definition and for players provides an aesthetically comfortable environment. The audio is not as real as some other programs, as it looks more like the sound of an Arcade game.


The Real-Time Gaming software is completely secure, has passed all controls and has all the corresponding stamps and licenses.


Currently, the software Real Time Gaming has a high number of competitors among which we highlight:

  • Microgaming

This is one of the most famous casino software in addition to being one of the longest-running. This includes games especially of slot machines such as Jurassic Park and Tomb Raider among many others.

  • Playtech

This is also one of the biggest software houses in this sector. This, as well as Microgaming, has many slot machine modes, but we can also highlight a wide variety of casino games among which we highlight for example for the SwitchBlackjack.

  • BetSoft

These also stand out for their slot machines, especially we have to point out those that use 3D technology which makes you live a 100% real experience.

  • Net Entertainment

This one, as well as the rest, is also well known for its slot machines, but here we have to emphasize above all that they play a lot with the theme of innovation.